Clarion and Casein 

Applications of Caseinates

Milk Products
  • Texture enhancement and prevention of syneresis
  • Improvement of mouth feeling
  • Stabilization of dressings and toppings
  • Protein enrichment in milk drinks

  • Standardization of cheese milk
  • Yield increase in various types of cheese
  • Emulsifying of imitation and processed cheese
  • Protein source in imitation cheese

  • Stabilisation of yoghurt structure
  • Reduction of whey separation (syneresis)
  • Neutral in taste
  • Improvement of yoghurt texture and quality
  • Mainly based on milk proteins
  • Replacer for skim milk powder

Coffee Creamer
  • Increased whitening effect
  • Building of stable and creamy emulsions

Sports Nutrition
  • Dietetic, sports and infant food
  • Increase of nutritional value
  • Stabilization of the product properties

  • Fining of wine and juice
  • Stabilization and increase of the viscosity in beverages (e.g. cream liqueur)

Meat Products
  • Emulsifying in meat products
  • Yield increase due to the addition of functional proteins
  • Improved waterbinding capacity in cooked ham and minced meat products
  • Prevention of fat and jelly separation
  • Enhanced texture of the final product